Monday, May 18, 2009

Setangah saja, syukurtah ....

Is the glass half full? Or is it half empty? The common conundrum you come across a lot in self development.

Seeing it half empty? You are an optimist. You have a positive outlook, a favourable view on things and realise your full potential.

Seeing it half full? You are a pessimist. You make difficulties of your opportunities.

This is a classic validation of how people see events and objects differently depending on the person’s perception.

In our modest upbringing, seeing it half empty can make you look greedy (tamak). Talking about tamak, “Nda balek untong” a friend once said. This was indeed a very progressive and optimistic view of doing business, counting and expecting the profits before even breaking even. Then there is also the expression “orang tamak selalu rugi”. Who says? If not tamak, it means you have no dreams. Without dreams you won’t go anywhere in this world. But there is a fine line between dreams and angan-angan. See where angan-angan brought Mat Jenin?

Seeing it half full, in our tradition, means being thankful for all our blessings. Sharing what we have even if it may not be enough to meet our own needs. Sedekah even if the amount is little.

But .... human being human, when the sedekah or pemberian is little, I am sure there is a high probability u will get a “tahi gigi pun nda cukup” response .......

Be thankful... bersyukur....

PS: “tahi gigi pun nda cukup” is a perambaan brunei meaning not enough (I think).

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