Friday, April 08, 2011


Recently I was asked, as part of a class exercise, to use metaphor to describe the school in terms animals, type of food, season of the year and place. For each of these choices, I have to give a reason.
Animal? The lion came to mind immediately. Aggressive and daring. Turtle came a close second. Slow, cumbersome yet enduring and lovable.

Food? The spud sprang to mind. Reminded me of those spud eateries sprouting in Manchester. Spud aka potato is bland and tasteless. It needs to be spiced up before it became tasty. If you asked most students, most prefer not to go to school. They need all the push and incentives to make the school attractive.

Season? Winter is my season of choice. It’s dull yet hold the promise of breathtaking things especially when it snows.

Place? Bedroom stood out. Why bedroom? If a student goes to school, he or she can either dozes off bored stiff or be stirred up by the knowledge. Bedrooms have the same effect. A place to sleep as well as its where all the exciting, stimulating, thrilling, rousing stuff you can imagine.

In short, it’s our own choice to make it ‘bland’ or ‘spicy’. With the right ingredients, school can be very spicy indeed!

Aji No Moto (not related to Hello Moto of Motorola), aka Monosodium Glutamate can make food very tasty. Its been called the sixth taste. Despite this ability, overall, it had been linked to harmful effect. Keep your food MSG FREE….