Thursday, May 28, 2009

In a foreign land ... the sequel

Another day... another road trip. Fortunately today is only an hour’s drive. On the agenda is river watching and burning stuff.

Woke up with very big grin... ha ha ha ... Man Utd lost ... lost is an understatement. They were outplayed! Condolences to all of them! Today will indeed be a brighter day. Some friends, the Man U die hard supporters, are in for a nasty surprise. Expecting not to get any nasty text messages with me being in a DST roamingless foreign land. As the saying goes “kalau hendak seribu daya”. There are ways and means to get the message through to them. Friends on Facebook were already on the wrong end of it.

Yesterday was a long day. The road trip lasted almost 10 hours with almost 8 hours in the car being driven by what we called a mad superman driver. Imagine an MPV driven like a race car chasing the official black mercs. Tiring yet it was worth it. The hours were spent wisely learning the local lingo. At least now I know how to say hello. My I-Pong kept my mind off the scary feeling being driven that fast. The evening was a mellower proceedings with a dinner at our ambassador’s place. Delicious indeed. Food was great. Add to that wonderful stories about the old days and the ever, a must, funny jokes from the boss.

Expecting to watch the Man Utd-Barca game. As usual my tiredness caught up with me. Ending up with the TV watching me sailing into the dream world. The hotel referred to their beds, pillows etc as the dream bed. What a dream it was! To see your bitter rival lost their so called historical game, the game that is supposed to make them among the greats, felt like being rocketed to heaven and back! Add to that the “heated, bidet, sprayed” toilet seat... what a warm smiling start to the day.

With my notebook, handphones and the room’s clock showing different time, telling what time it was last night was very confusing. One moment I was one hour ahead, the next I was one hour behind. Just like in the Twilight Zone, moving between parallel time zones! Thinking it was midnight when in fact it was one in the morning! Woke up, looked at the time on my handphone it was almost six in the morning, actually it was already seven. May be I should consider wearing a watch again. Hey, no watches for my birthday will be accepted.... got other urgent, more important wish list.

The internet access problem sorted itself out. USD 22 for a day’s access is not that steep compared to USD5 for an iced mocha at Starbucks. What’s USD22 compared to the benefits of having the access. Well, I can always sell those indo mees, canned chicken curries and serunding to cover the cost... ha ha ha!

Lahitraot, ja-rit-ruh ..... for now!

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