Thursday, May 14, 2009

I wish....

""Walk-in" services to end at RIPAS eye clinic" says the headline on the front page of a local paper.

It went on to say, “The Ministry of Health has informed the public that effective June 1, 2009, the "walk-in" services at the eye clinic in RIPAS Hospital will end and will only provide services to eye patients who have prior appointments.”

Is the economic downturn affecting us so bad? Then again I thought we are not that affected as the articles from the same paper made us to believe. What is happening to our health service? Not enough budget? Are we restructuring in order to focus on the H1N1 (the so called swine flu)? Not enough doctors? Bla bla bla ............. A lot of negatives went round and round my head. That's how shocked I was on reading the headline. I am sure some of you might have similar reaction. ... Well actually I am exaggerating a bit here to make my point.

Only after reading the next part of the news I felt a bit relieved. It went on to say “However, such `walk-in' services will now be provided to the public at eye clinics located at health centres in the morning during office hours.”
Actually, after reading the whole text, to me, the Ministry of Health is improving its services by bringing it nearer to the public and more focus services at RIPAS. All good things which the public should be happy about.

But what is annoying, at least to me (I do hope, really really hope no others see it my way), the whole press release text lost its message by starting with a negative. Why in the world you want to start with informing the public a service will end? Why don’t you start on informing the public on the improvement of services? When will we realise our job is not just to inform the public, but also to "promote" or market the Government agencies.

Look at the way the private sector promote their services (taken from BIBD Wish Campaign):
“Be it a house to share your love, a vacation with your loved ones or simply a new computer, no wishes are ever too big or small. Each wish is personal and special to you, and to us, and we’re here to help you realise them no matter what they may be. Receive a Wish Voucher with one Wish Code for every BND500 deposited in your CASA account.”

See the difference? The emphasis is on the positives. Reading it make you think you can get all you wish taking the focus away from the fact that you have to part with your hard earned BND500.

Is it down to the mentality? Is it down to training? Is it down to the fact in the private sector, it all boils down to dollars and cents while not so true in the Government service? I can only wish (without parting with even 50 cents let alone BND500), how I wish we put more emphasis to the positives than the negatives. Market, promote not just inform.

I wish .......

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