Sunday, June 07, 2009

Nothing to write about .....

Lately, these last few days, updating this blog has been harder than usual. It is not because I have lost interest. There is plenty to write about but I do not want to write anything about my work. Not just because some things are not meant to be shared (call it confidential, sulit, rahsia etc), it is boring to talk about work. Enough about work from morning to early evening.

Talking about confidential stuff, it seems everything confidential in the office will be chopped “SULIT” on the envelope or on the piece of document or placed in a folder with big “X” at the front. Humans being humans has curiosity as their nature. More often than not, documents marked “SULIT” attract attention than others. What does this mean? There is a higher likelihood these documents “kana subuk” or peeked into. I wonder if a study has been done on this. If none, we should do a study or even run some dummy tests. The results, I am sure, will make an interesting reading.

Every employee aspires to move up the career ladder (naik pangkat = naik gaji = better life?), hoping to go as high as they can. I suppose I am no different. Many books I have read on how to go up this ladder, how to develop as we go higher. But the important question, to me at least, what do you do when you get there? Today, I heard two very important characteristics or qualities you must have when you are up there. One is leadership, another is altruist. (I will add a third which I believe strongly).

So what is leadership? Kacang question! Everyone knows what leadership is. In simple terms, it is the act of leading a group. Personally, in reality, it is not just to lead but to have the ability to lead. To have the vision, to see the incoming problems, to make decisions and able to defend them, to advice and many more.

What is altruist? Or what is altruism? Basically, being an altruist is being unselfish, concern for the welfare of others, showing selflessness. Being an altruist will bring more significant outcome to everyone and everything.

A third, a more important quality to have, at least to me is “trusting”. You must have trust 360 degrees. Without trust, there will be distrust (isn’t that obvious?). With distrust or is it mistrust, you will end up having to check every single thing and end up with nothing gets done. With trust, working relationship will be better, morale will increase and I am sure productivity will head north.

In short, as we go up our career ladder, ability as a leader, being an altruist and more trusting will help us a lot. (At least I think so!)

Here I go again, talking about work..... how boring ...

Now the English Football season has ended, Saturday and Sunday nights are quieter. A friend remarked, he has nothing to look forward to except for endless football repeats or siaran ulangans. The weekend has gone flat. But to some parents, it is a welcome break. Now their football crazy kids can focus on their studies. Then, there is always DPMM FC matches to go to now their participation in the S-League is no longer under threat.......

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