Wednesday, June 17, 2009

El-Nino ... La-Nina

The driest we will experience in 30 years.. one paper said yesterday. Various agencies here and in the neighbouring countries released numerous warning. Yes.. these agencies announced, ladies and gentlemen ... El-Nino is here.

All and behold... it was pouring rain yesterday afternoon. And last night too! Not just light rain.. but heavy one! Is it really El-Nino? Or is the brother, La-Nina here? It made some of the agencies looked silly.....

If there is anything we can learn from this is how unpredictable the weather is nowadays. Is this the effect of the so called Climate Change everyone fears? May be ... no one can tell for sure...

No matter if it rains or if it is hot and dry, we all have a responsibility.. responsibility to reduce or even stop activities that is harming the environment... open burning, wasting energy, wasting water, uncontrolled development, cutting down the forest, high volume of rubbish, and many more ..... together we can do it ... no need to think too much, no need to ponder a lot, no need to talk too much... as Nike says it ... JUST DO IT!

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