Monday, June 08, 2009

Fever Free ....

Fever Free....

Since H1N1 made the headlines, everyone seems to take extra care and be extra aware of their body temperature. A trip to any health premises, be ready with your forehead, at least your ears. Previously, during normal times, only the person seeking treatment will be checked for their body temperature. Nowadays, no one is spared. Lucky they just use the ears and the nose. Imagine if they resort to other areas where they can measure your body temperature.

Fortunately, as mentioned in the news today, they are introducing thermal scanners the kind they uses at the airports at some health premises. At least it will speed things up and make it a bit more comfortable for the visitors.

At the end of the temperature check, everyone will get a “Fever Free” sticker. Sounds like you have won a prize. You are now certified free from fever. Lucky the sticker does not say “Free Fever”. On one particular visit, the kids seemed to be so excited to get those stickers. The adults just went through the motion. On another visit, a foreign man who just arrived from outside Brunei had a body temperature of 39C. A few of us there were suddenly terrified. What if the guy got the swine flu? Allhamdulillah, things turned out ok.

Returning from overseas trips, especially from affected countries brings along some worries. Kept checking the body temperature. I bet the thermometer at home got tired of checking. Any fever signs, the mind suddenly went overdrive. What will I do if I am going to be quarantined?

We must be thankful that our beloved country, so far, is free from H1N1. Some of our neighbours are not that lucky. To this, we must besyukur and laud the efforts of the Health authorities here. We hope and pray our country will remain H1N1 free.

In my last entry I put out some ideas for song titles, CINCAU and CENDOL. Well for those who wants to use this title, CINCAU can be Cinta Ini Cinta Akhirku; CENDOL can be Cinta Engkau Dan Orang Lain .... Just make sure you attribute these titles to me. I will not ask for any royalties he he he .....

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