Saturday, June 13, 2009

1000th .... a thousand apologies

A milestone reached, a threshold passed, a target accomplished. Sometime today, this blog got its 1000th hit. This is based on the low tech counter put up on the sidebar. Being a not computer savvy person, with almost zero knowledge of how to design a website, putting a more sophisticated counter or a tracker is not possible right now. Not that no effort had been put to learn, the learning process is very slow. The Kids’ Guide to HTML is the current lesson level. Its lower then beginners or even the famous range of guides better known as the Idiot’s Guide. Definitely regretting missing those extra IT classes I was supposed to be in many years ago. HTML was on the lesson list for sure. Who knows those lessons would have changed the layout, instead of polka dots blue based page, may be the layout would have evolved to a multicoloured full of graphics belingkaran here and there. Well, keeping things simple is my motto. May be it’s for the best that I missed those classes hehehe.... (sekadar kan menyamankan hati...)

To the person who clicked the 1000th hit on this blog, as the character in Mind Your Language, Ranjeet, famously says, A THOUSAND APOLOGIES! No prizes for being the 1000th hit. There is no way of telling who you are. Being, or trying to be an anonymous no comment allowed blog made it even harder! On this, once again, A THOUSAND APOLOGIES, this status quo will remain for the foreseeable future.

The 1000 figure, to me, is a bit misleading. Sure, it is a significant number but the counter does not differentiate on where or from whom the hits came from. In fact if someone was to sit in front of the computer with this blog opened and click refresh or reload nonstop, I am sure 1000 hit can be reached in no time. Quite why someone would do that is beyond me. Using logic and simple deduction, almost half of the hits must have come from the author. A significant portion may be from the closest person to me, checking if I am saying anything bad (I am definitly going to be in trouble for this!). One thing for sure, the 1000th hit is not the author’s.

Whatever it is, this is indeed a good marker to pause and look back. In fact, it would have been a double milestone, double celebration of 1000th hit and 50 posts or entries. But sadly, 7 of those entries did not count, there were unpublished drafts. Pity ....

My “Minister of Home Affairs” cums “the finance minister” cums “the Lord of the Dominion” remarked recently this blog has no particular theme. Well known, more popular and more advanced blogs have certain angles. From helping to foster a better informed Brunei Society (A thousand apologies sir!), to the Brunei’s No1 Social News to photography, food, hobbies, all categories are covered. As I have mentioned in the earlier entry, this is my way to let out what I think of some of the things I see, hear, touch, smell and taste . So no restrictions on subjects, categories and angles. But will always remain responsible albeit sometimes panyaluru.

Coming back to the 1000th hit, I recalled fondly a wall sticker about statistics I put up in my previous offices, at the back of the door so my boss would not notice it. On it, a tall voluptuous beautiful lady in yellow bikini, with the caption “Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.” How very true ......

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