Thursday, April 30, 2009

steaming hot .......

Wow! What a week! ... the last few days have been hot hot hot ... steaming hot with the so called heat wave, it is so so very hot, my aircond at home “kial-kial” to cope at night leaving me drenched in sweat. Add to that the world hit by another form of “damam binatang” .. before it was bird flu now its swine flu aka ”damam bayi” hehehe.. so now we have to be extra extra careful .. so kids & adults do wash your hands... wash everything for that matter ....... then there is Obama reaching his 100 days in office with not much of the so called change.. he still let free the CIA torturers ... But to me, the most significant hottest steamiest event of the week must be the tanam padi thingy.. what a touching moving gesture from a ruler ... all i can say let the whole country go on “beras laila craze” .. we aim for 60% but i am sure we can achieve more .. go go go beras laila!!!! ........... oh on a small yet significant note, Brunei hosted the “ASEAN Haze Meeting” ... with the current unpredictable inexplicable unsangkarable unseasonal weather extremes we have gone through this is a significant step towards a haze free region... add to that the cleaning of Brunei River initiative, our country will be a better place for everyone... big small black yellow white etc etc (ooops! Is this politically correct? Never mind, as long as it is said with good intention .......)

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