Saturday, January 06, 2007

water anyone?

is it wet season? or is it dry season? that's the question... the final week of 2006 definitely reflected the water question.. some may think the plentifulness of water others may say lack of it. on a rainy night of the 27th ... water is everywhere.. some people woke up literally floating .. yet the next day they turn on the tap wallaaaah! no water... that's panyaluru spot on. well.. some say u cant equate flood water and potable water but isn't it ironic? you read the next day a long winded statement in the media explaining why there was no water.. even before reading it some already guessed... no power again! again? its becoming beyond a joke now .. to us simple people out there we just want a continous supply .. so we can do the normal things we do.. the showers.. the washings.. the mandi wajibs hahaha 2007 is here we hope for the better.. always strive for better .. good luck guys.. you need it ;)

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