Thursday, December 28, 2006

Its that time of the year again ....

It seems only a moment ago we started 2006... now here we are at the end of it... the time to look back the time to set new unachievable goals (which are bound to be failed by the first week of January). Its the time where everyone is in the holiday mood ... no mood to keraja ... even the bosses. Its the time of empty feelings especially in the offices .. its the time to decide what to do where to go to usher in the new year ... well the usual will be Empire .. the hotels ... flying away or driving away... even dreaming away... talking about dreams, i suppose everything started with a dream but then again most will end disastrously ... crash landing and down with a bang very very big bang hahaha. The ending depends on you .. on how badly how you want it ... you do not need the public to sms vote your dream into a reality (sshhhh! dont give DST this idea ... they make enough money as it is ...)

Looking back and looking around .... wow 2006 was a year of ... let me think ... nothing really hahaha ... workwise .. personal wise (is there such a word?!!) .. add here minus there .. its really nothing to shout about. At least 2005 we have the tsunami to wake us up . Well for a nothing year, 2006 definitely was a challenging year.. many obstacles overcame ... many hills climbed ... many roads travelled (not necessarily in the right direction).. learn from it we must (i sound like Yoda the Master Jedi .. too much Star Wars lately hahaha) future will be a brighter one ... (not so sure about this hahaha)

with Star Wars in mind ... may the force be with you in 2007 ... Happy New Year and may the new year be a at least the same as the previous if not better hehehe ... (well .. we like status quos ... )

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