Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year….

It’s the time of the year again. The time to look back and the time to look forward. New resolutions, lesson learned, assesment of achievements and plans for the future. All of us know the drill.

It’s also time for SALE and spend spend spend. Floods of money for most people especially the Government Servants who got their bonuses. To those unfortunate ones without bonuses we say hard luck and have a lot of strength. Seeing every other person waving their bonuses and spending it on their dream items is not easy. To those with the bonuses, remember the ‘hutangs’ or the money you may owe others. Pay up first before you spend.

To me, accidentally, two years in a row I ended up with a Mac product on the New Year’s Day. With some luck, it may turn out to be a hattrick next year. May be it will be an annual ritual. I know of some people who have the annual tradition of buying ‘luxury’ items. Definition of luxury items varies form person to person.

Why Mac? Why not other stuff? I was in the hardcore ‘against using Mac’ category only a year or so ago. Especially after the bad experience of owning a Mac Book a few years back. Even having a boss who is a hardcore Mac user did not have any impact.

Then the iPhone came into being. After many months of pondering, decided to jump into it despite clueless on how a Mac product works. To my surprise, it was ‘peanuts’ to use. Easy peasy. Super user friendly after getting through the first hurdle of syncing, apping, ituning etc. Top that with myriads of apps, some very useful, some utterly nonesene. In short, to me, the iPhone is a ‘game changer’; a life changer in fact. From that moment, swiping is part of my life. Everything on the iPhone involves swiping. All part of life is affected. From the mundane calendar and address book to prayer time and calorie counting.

Macbook is the obvious next step. For someone who has been using Windows, there was hesitancy in the migration to the Mac. Again, to my surprise, it was straightforward and uncomplicated. So here I am, a total Mac Convert. In my experience of using windows after converting to Mac, it was easy to convert to Mac but very difficult to revert back. Why? It’s not easy to describe and explain why. To use an analogy, it’s like trying to revert back to mental calculation after experiencing the use of calculators.
Happy New Year everyone… May this New Year bring happiness, good health, success and prosperity.  And off course new Mac products……

This posting is not sponsored by Apple or any other Mac related companies.

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