Sunday, August 29, 2010

Time To Learn….

It’s been a while. Over two months this blog has be left ‘unupdated’, if there is such a word. Time was not kind. Not enough time to do everything. Prioritisation had to be done. Blogging seemed to be not among the top ten of my to do list chart. Talking of to do list chart, there is a lot ‘to do’ apps out there. But nothing beats the simple list. Easy to understand, simple to use and off course free. Unlike some paid apps, not user friendly and time consuming to use.

So, here I am sitting by the window overlooking the green surrounding in a foreign country. Taking a year sabbatical from my work and from life in Brunei. To quote one of the people I met “we are lucky and brave to be able to do this at this stage of our lives.” 

Moving into another country albeit a familiar one is not easy. Looking for accommodation and getting used to the transport system, bear in mind not having the luxury of the car we always took for granted. Walking, hopping onto the bus and up and down the trains. Add to that trying to jump-start this rusty brain to high-speed mode and process the enormous information that had to be consumed, digested and repackage into personal point of view. That’s the whole point of being here. To develop the ability to ‘having an opinion’. Sounds simple. Everyone has an opinion. It is human nature to have an opinion in everything. 

Despite the many challenges, loneliness is up there, it’s been inspirational. Being in a group of over eighty people from over twenty countries is refreshing and an eye opener. I was told these are among the brightest people. Most are future leaders of their respective organisations and countries. One even aspires to be the President. I guess he is at the right place. Developing leaders is one of the primary aim of this School by equipping them with right skills and tools. Eventually, in a year’s time, all of us will not just go through this with flying colours, more importantly be a better leader. On a personal note, a better person.

As the Dean said in welcoming us “make use of everyday, every moment in the year to engage in learning.” That is the reason being here. To learn……

One of the things I had to relearn again is cooking. The skills from my student life over 18 years ago are long gone. One mean cook had become a clueless one. Delicious multitasting recipes turned out into carbon even for the simple ‘talor dadar’. Fortunately food, halal food is plentiful. Prices are reasonable especially in the School. The famous Adam Road Nasi Lemak is just a few bus stops away. May be within this year I will go up to ‘reheating stage’ in the cooking skill level.  Thanks to the microwave and those Brahim pastes…….

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